Thursday, June 24, 2010

Queen Awesome's Adventures in Cancerland: Boss Fight Number 2

Today was my appointment with Dr Bobyn that I booked after the blood test results. I had phoned and left a message for him when I had gotten the call booking my CT scan and was hopeful he’d have my results. The hospital had said it would be 3 days before he’d receive the written report but I was hopeful he could tell me something. While I was sitting in the big general waiting area, I heard the receptionist tell someone on the phone that Dr Bobyn was going to be away for 2 weeks and they were booking appointments for July 14th. Now I was even more hopeful they he had the results as I knew that I would not be able to get back in to see him before he was on holidays. My hopes were answered!

Dawn called my name and Kerrie and I were led into one of the exam rooms to wait for Dr Bobyn. Dr Bobyn was running behind so we waited for a while. When it was my turn with the doctor, he came in with a smile and good news. He had a few documents to go over with me. We went straight for the big one right away; the CT scan results. They had come in! He had the fax from the hospital that showed that my scan came back clean with no signs of the cancer having spread. Yahoo!! The scan checked my entire torso; lungs, liver, kidneys, bones. He was very happy about these results and obviously, so was I! Dr Bobyn made me a copy of the written scan report, but honestly, I don’t understand any of it! That’s okay though because this medical-ese translates into one more boss has been defeated and I’m moving on to the final boss! Rawr!!

Dr Bobyn also had the second opinion report with him. I had already heard most of those results from Dr Baliski, but I was nice to go over it with Dr Bobyn too. The second opinion report also found that the mole was in fact melanoma but that my prognosis looked good that it would be all removed with this next surgery. That’s what I like to hear! I’m sure Dr Baliski is a swell guy, but seriously, 3 surgeries in just over 2 years is enough! Random crossing of paths in a restaurant or the movie store would be fine with me! No more surgeries please!!

Dr Bobyn once again told me that although my prognosis is looking better and better with every test, I would still be at high risk for melanoma again. I will need to be monitored for the rest of my days and any new or suspicious moles would have to be removed right away. He told me again about all of the new discoveries and treatments coming out for melanoma and reassured me that although I have to be careful, new science is helping to make the fight against melanoma a powerful one. Every time I see Dr Bobyn, I just know that he cares about me. That in itself is reassuring. It’s good to have such a great doctor in my corner.

So one more boss is down and I have the end boss in my sights! I’m coming for you Mr. Cancer and there’s no stopping me now!! Surgery is scheduled for July 12th and although I’m absolutely terrified, I’m feeling positive that this will be the last. I’m ready to go from cancer fighter to cancer survivor. I’m optimistic that Dr Baliski will remove any remaining cancer cells during this surgery and that the lymph node tests will come back clean. My next appointment with Dr Bobyn will be on July 26th. I’ll go into his office to have my stitches removed and get what will hopefully be the last pathology report from the hospital. This time a good pathology report. The Queen has spoken!



  2. Yay I am very happy for you! Good luck with the surgery!

  3. IM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!! you should celebrate it! good luck on the surgery :)

  4. Hi Crystal, this is Crystals mom. I just found out your news a few days ago, and Just read your whole blog. I am shocked but after reading everything, I feel a bit better. Why do the good people get picked on. That makes me so mad. You are an amazing person, as you know, and I wish you all the best. I will no longer be praying for the winning lotto max ticket, but for you!! Kathy

  5. I was just told about your story - I'm a relative of Rod and Dee. I went to the Dr. about an itchy mole a year ago - was told it was fine, given some cream, and now can no longer deal with this itching. Still (2 weeks ago) the Dr. says it's fine but I'm being referred to a dermatologist. I hope to see her before winter (the wait list is long)! The mole is oddly shaped with different shades. It is on my belly. I just want it removed. *sigh*
    Thanks for sharing your story - I'm so glad that a happy ending is looking so promising!

  6. Thanks Auntie Dee and Yasaman! = ) I think a celebration is definitely in order!

    Thank you Kathy = ) I appreciate the positive thoughts! I just hope that I reach other people like Sarah reached me. It'll make this journey have a purpose if it does! And maybe half prayer for good health, and the other half for that winning ticket! ;)

    And to the relative of Auntie Dee and Uncle Rod, get a second opinion! I certainly don't mean to scare you, but your mole is exhibiting signs of being something other than just a mole. 6 months is way too long to have to wait. Try a walk in clinic if you have to, but get someone to listen to you. We know our bodies better than anyone else and if you're gut feeling is this needs to be checked, don't stop until someone listens! The squeaky wheel does get the grease. I know how you're feeling about just wanting the mole to be gone. That was my feeling as well. But if your mole is oddly shaped, multi coloured and itchy, then it's something that definitely should be checked out. It may be nothing, or just the beginnings of something, but the sooner you can have it removed, the better. Good luck and if you have any questions, feel free to ask me through here or get Auntie Dee and Uncle Rod to put you in touch with me. I hope you find someone who will listen soon!