Monday, June 7, 2010

Queen Awesome's Adventures in Cancerland: World 3

That night I had another decision to make. To tell or not to tell. My mother has MS and is a quadriplegic. I am her primary caregiver. My mom’s health is very delicate and she does not tolerate stress well. I decided it would be best not to say anything to her until I knew more. Or at least until I knew a surgery date. My dad and stepmom were another consideration. Ordinarily, I would have told them. However, this timing was different. They had spent the last couple years saving and planning a trip to Europe. My dad has never really travelled and has wanted to see where his grandparents and great-grandparents lived for quite some time. His grandfather use to tell him stories about growing up in England. Dad was finally going to see these places. They were excited and I was excited for them. I decided that I wouldn’t tell them about my doctor’s fears and the biopsy. Karen, my stepmom, had just recently received news that the store she worked at was closing. Both her and my sister were potentially out of a job. They had enough stress and worries on their plates; I didn’t want to add to it. So I kept my secret from most everyone. The only ones that knew were Kerrie and my friend Crystal.

A few days later, my boyfriend Kerrie and I left for 5 days in Las Vegas. The trip was a godsend! I am now so grateful for the time away. Kerrie has had major stress in his life as of late as well and it was so nice to be able to leave that behind for just a few days. Every time I saw my mole I still thought about what was happening, but I was the most relaxed I’d been in ages while we were there. It was a busy time (I still can’t believe how much we fit into 5 days!!) but it was great.

When we got home, it was back to reality. Dr Baliski’s office called and booked my mole removal and biopsy for May 19th at the hospital. This would be just days after my parents left for Europe for a month. It was hard to keep this secret, but I still felt it would be for the best.

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