Thursday, June 17, 2010

Queen Awesome's Adventures in Cancerland: World 11

My phone rang this morning with an unknown number. At first I thought it was finally the call about the CT scan. Nope, still waiting for that. However, this call may have been better! It was Dr Baliski calling to tell me some good news. He started off by telling me that I still have melanoma but then there was a beautiful but! He had called to tell me that he had some great news about the spots in the biopsy that they thought was the cancer spreading. They now believe that those spots are not additional spots, but part of the original mole that was spreading. Yahoo!!

Dr Baliski explained that the course of action would remain the same; I will still go for a CT scan and still require another surgery and lymph nodes biopsy. However, my odds that the cancer has not spread have just gone up significantly! Now THAT’S a great way to start a Thursday! I believe that this is what the mystery second opinion was about as well! I will confirm that that’s where this new information came from the next time I talk to him. I’m not 100% out of the spreading cancer woods yet, but my prognosis just got a whole lot better! World 11 and surprise mini-boss down! Now let’s hope that the CT scan call comes in soon too and we can keep the good news coming!


  1. Very good news!


  2. yaaay, thats awesome... cant wait to hear the good news soon. stay strong

  3. SOOOOOO glad to hear!!!!
    <3 Crystal a la deux