Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Queen Awesome's Adventures in Cancerland: World 19

The surgery was on Monday and despite being a very long day, it went well.

My day officially started at 6:30 am Monday morning. I say officially because I was up about every 30 minutes that night. Ironically enough, it wasn’t due to anxiety about the surgery; it was due to anxiety that my alarm wouldn’t go off! I had nothing to worry about. At exactly 6:30 am, I was awoken to the lovely sounds of Mr Homer Simpson singing the Spider Pig song from The Simpsons Movie. ‘Spider Pig, Spider Pig, does whatever a spider pig does. ‘

After my shower, Kerrie arrived to drive me to the hospital. We arrived at the hospital at exactly 8:00 am. Perfect timing! There was a bit of a line up at the admissions desk and when we got to the front of the line, the next two admissions ladies that came available went on coffee break instead! It was very odd! Finally at 8:30, I was checked in.

After the admissions lady presented me with my lovely jewellery for the day (hospital bracelets), I was sent up to 2 West to prep for the surgery. We weren’t in the waiting room long before my name was called. I was taken into the washroom to change into the very flattering hospital gowns and to put on my super stylish booties. Watch out Jimmy Choo!! Lol After I was changed, I washed my arm and armpit with the antiseptic soap and then returned to Kerrie in the waiting room. I hadn’t even put my earrings away in my purse before I was called again for my pre-surgical interview.

Kerrie and I walked into the interview room and were introduced to Edith. The same woman who had called me the week before to fill out my questionnaire! It was neat to put a face to the name. We went over my allergies and a bunch of questions again. After Edith weighed me and measured my height, I was taken into another room to a stretcher. Getting onto the stretcher was tough. Not physically, but emotionally. I had a few tears.

Just before 10:00 am, a porter came to take me down for my radioactive dye shots. Let me tell you, there’s nothing like being wheeled through the hospital on a stretcher to make you feel sick! We arrived in the x-ray department and a technician named Amanda came to wheel me into the procedure room. Amanda asked me a bunch more questions and then explained what was going to happen. I would be injected with radioactive dye which would take a couple hours to circulate through my system. After the dye had had time to circulate, I would be brought back down to x-ray for my next scans. The scan would take about an hour. After Amanda explained the procedure and answered our questions, she paged the doctor to come in and give me my shots. 6 of them. And oh. my. gawd. I have never had such painful needles! They hurt like hell! I fell apart and bawled like a baby. I kept my arm still but man, did I cry. Another not so proud moment. After I was radioactive, I was brought back up to 2 West.
Kerrie was starting to get hungry nauseous so I sent him to get himself some food. Just nothing that would make him smell too yummy! It was going to be a long day and he needed his energy. While Kerrie was gone, I tried to nap a bit. Kerrie came back and he tried to keep me distracted until the porter came back to take me for my scan.

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